Scotland is not a ‘failed state’

As you watch the anti-SNP propaganda being pumped out by the British media, bear one thing in mind. It’s always possible to selectively quote statistics in order to further a political agenda. It is relatively easy to portray all change as being for the worse – simply by dint of the fact that people tend to find change disturbing. In fact, these are favourite tactics of British nationalists determined to portray Scotland as some kind of ‘failed state’.

If these peddlers of doom and gloom were to be believed, all of Scotland’s public services are in a constant state of terminal crisis. They denigrate our NHS, our police service, our education system, our social services and more. In the process, they demean the people who make these services work.

And they do work. The everyday lived experience of people throughout Scotland contrasts markedly with the situation painted by those whose bitter resentment of the ‘upstart’ SNP and unthinking allegiance to the British state is such that they would gladly vandalise our public services and our democratic institutions in the hope of turning the clock back to a time before people realised that there was an alternative to the stale, self-serving parties of the British establishment.

I too could cite figures. Figures which indicate that, overall, Scotland’s public services are improving. Or, at the very least, being maintained despite the destructive onslaught of the British government’s ideologically-driven austerity agenda. But I know that, in general, people tend to be turned off by tedious games of statistic trumps.

Instead, I’ll simply ask folks to take a look at the facts about their country’s public services and the work being done by the SNP at national and local level and ask themselves whether this accords more closely with what they see around them than the image of collapse and catastrophe peddled by those who see those services, not as a solemn responsibility of government, but as a device by which to lever the political power which they regard as their entitlement. And, not at all incidentally, as a potential source of private profit.

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Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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