Tools can also be weapons

Theresa MayEven if the accuracy of these reports can be questioned, the credibility can’t. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAZ) account of the dinner meeting involving the Prime Minister and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is damaging because it is believable. It fits with what we already know about the UK Government’s woeful handling of the whole Brexit fiasco.

Theresa May simply doesn’t have a clue. She appears to lack any awareness of political implications beyond the issue of presentation. It’s not a matter of what she can achieve, but what she can make people believe she’s achieving. So long as every failure can be blamed on somebody else, she’s satisfied. It’s all about her image as a Churchillian leader going in to bat for good old Blighty against that awful Johnny Foreigner. The hope and intention is that relentless projection of this image will conceal the dearth of substance.

Express the slightest doubt about this image; attempt to scrutinise the substance, and you will be labelled a “saboteur” – a term deployed in such a manner as to leave no doubt that it is a reluctantly adopted euphemism for “traitor”. It’s the old ‘with us or against us’ ploy which, throughout history, has been the resort of inadequate individuals elevated by circumstances well beyond the level of their meagre abilities.

Theresa May is not a leader. She is a tool. A device to be used by the unseen forces which wield the real power within the British state. Such tools are all the more useful when they believe their own myth. But we should be mindful of the doubtless malign purpose behind the feckless facade.

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