The olden days

When most of us find cause to be uncommonly concerned about the future, we find Alistair Darling harking back to what now seems like a very distant past. It is seven years since British Labour was last in power at Westminster. It’s a decade since they ran the ‘Scottish Executive’. In that time the world has changed. The UK has descended into a Brexit-dominated shambles presided over by a massively incompetent right wing British nationalist cabal with a stunningly inept leader in Theresa May.

In the ten years that Alistair Darling doesn’t want to talk about, Scotland has been transformed. We now have a real Scottish Government instead of the glorified community council that British Labour intended. We have an administration sufficiently competent and respected to win an unprecedented third term with record-smashing popular support. We have a remarkably astute and able First Minister who is admired abroad and held in high regard and not a little affection at home.

Our political culture has moved so far from the days of those barely remembered British Labour First Ministers that referring to them at all seems inappropriate and slightly eccentric. Alistair Darling sounds like that weird uncle who bores everybody rigid at family gatherings with reminiscences of that time he got a trial with Dunfermline Athletic FC.

Just as Uncle Bernie would prefer we don’t recall the intervening years when he was mysteriously absent for long periods supposedly ‘travelling abroad’, so Alistair Darling is desperately eager that we don’t dwell on British Labour’s record in opposition at both Holyrood and Westminster. He wants hard-line Unionists to give him credit for having successfully defended the ruling elites of the British state. But he’d rather the rest of us forget British Labour’s collusion with the Tories and how he performed as David Cameron’s craven stooge in the sure and certain knowledge that he would get his reward in ermine.

So much water under so many bridges. Scotland is not British Labour’s fiefdom any more. And you’ll struggle to find anybody outside the ‘old guard’ and rapidly diminishing ranks of unthinking party loyalists who has any enthusiasm for turning back the clock.

Alistair Darling is the day before yesterday’s man. He serves only to remind us of British Labour in Scotland’s decade of decline.

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2 Responses to The olden days

  1. Angry Weegie says:

    His biggest concern is likely to be that if the Scottish people were to vote for independence, he might get chucked out of the Lords, be ceremoniously stripped of his ermine and have to live the rest of his life as the sort of grumpy old pensioner that none of his neighbours want to talk to.


  2. twathater says:

    The disgust and bile I feel everytime this TWAT opens his mouth to voice utterances that no one but the deluded want to hear, is amplified by knowing that him and his cohorts are directly RESPONSIBLE for the mismanagement and subjugation of the DREAMS of the Scottish people . When Scotland regains her independence him and his fellow abusers should be shown the door and stripped of his Scottish cringeNess nationality and banned from returning


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