Finding words

I don’t often struggle for words. But I’m having great difficulty finding language that can encompass the extent of my anger and disgust at Ruth Davidson and her Tory masters in London. The rape clause, together with the other measures associated with it, is depraved and inhuman. But it can hardly be more repugnant than the sight of Davidson trying to defend it.

I refuse to believe that she fails to recognise just how debased and obnoxious the rape clause is. I don’t accept that her first instinct isn’t to recoil in horror. No normal human being can be so insensible. Absent some serious pathology, nobody can be so devoid of empathy as to view the rape clause with equanimity. Any decent individual must be repulsed. Basic humanity demands it. And yet Davidson, not only accepts, but defends and promotes this obscene affront to all human decency.

Why? What could motivate anyone to so deny the appeal of conscience? Is it credible that she could be prompted by some cold, heartless economic calculation? Or are we to believe that she is driven by political expediency alone?

Whatever the explanation, there is no justification. The rape clause is wrong! It is wrong in every imaginable way. Therefore, its authors must be wrong. And those who seek to rationalise it must be wrong. But the term can barely contain the sense. There are no words adequate to describe this iniquitous offence or its perpetrators.

Perhaps we need a word for this purpose. May I suggest that a most suitable word would be Tory.

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2 Responses to Finding words

  1. Isobel Huntly says:

    I think that in a polical sense Ms Davidson is out of control.It is political expediency that has compelled her to defend her party’s most repulsive policy as an issue of economics. In private tears of remorse or tears for her once brilliant career. You decide


  2. Hugh Wallace says:

    I think that you, like the overwhelming majority of descent people, have failed to understand that some people, ostensibly normal, decent people, do not value other human beings in the way that you do. Nazi Germany should illustrate that perfectly but my own experience, as a police officer in an entirely normal Scottish city, has reinforced this without question. Some people, thankfully a minority in our society, simply do not think or care about other people in the way that you & I do. Ruth Davidson appears to be one such person.


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