In truth we fought each other mair…

That title is a line from one of my dad’s songs called Scotland Yet.  If you have an interest in Scottish folk music my dad is Davy Steele, and he wrote Scotland Yet just before the vote for devolution.  However, that song seems more relevant today than it did then.

One look at my Twitter feed from last night and this one line came to mind.  Unionists and Independence supporters at each other, and now unfortunately, we see that Unionist or British Nationalists will now vote Tory instead of Labour and LibDem in order to beat the SNP.  I wouldn’t, couldn’t vote for another Party if it went against my politics.  So shame on those Labour/LibDem supporters who will sell their souls to keep Scotland shackled to the UK.

When I suggested that free uni fees, free prescriptions and the best performing NHS in the UK were good results I was met with:

Cutting grants means fewer students from poor backgrounds going into University‘ and ‘Nobody who couldn’t afford it paid for prescription and now well off folk are getting free toothpaste etc which is wrong‘.

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems that if it’s a good, working SNP policy then Unionists will still moan, no-matter-what, because people are having no difficulty in voting for a party that wants women to prove that they were raped, has taken mobility cars from the disabled and has implemented policies that has seen a sharp increase in the number of people using food banks, and the list goes on.  Their priorities are completely screwed up.  I don’t know what’s happening to Scotland, I thought the people there were better than that, evidently I was wrong.

We really do fight each other mair.


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2 Responses to In truth we fought each other mair…

  1. Eleanor Ferguson says:

    I am totally bewildered at the attitude of people in Scotland. We have a chance to get out of the whole Brexit mess,have a hopeful new future which suits our country better,get rid of the awful Tories who are grinding the poor down,increasing child poverty, further disabling disabled people-and spending more money than they are saving-are people willfully ignoring what’s going on, do they not read the shameful statistics about food bank use and the number of disabled losing their means of getting around? As for Labour, how Jeremy Corbyn can come to Scotland and accuse the Scottish Government of making people poorer beggars belief! It is labour who have voted with the government to cut welfare and the SNP who have made sure people in Scotland are not affected. I really am losing faith….


  2. We struggled for years to rid ourselves of the nasty Tories and now we seem to be welcoming them back with open arms. Unbelievable and desperately sad. Our future is being tossed away like an empty crisp packet.


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