Anything is possible

My first instinct is to regard Lesley Riddoch’s suggestion as a political non-starter. Two parties – SNP and Scottish Greens – sharing a manifesto, or even part of one, seems like just too much of a departure from normal politics to be feasible.

But then I think of all the other things that seemed impossible. The reconvening of Scottish Parliament. An SNP majority at Holyrood. Securing and independence referendum. The almost miraculous phenomenon of the Yes movement. The SNP landslide of 2015. Three successive pro-independence administrations in Scotland. All of these things were impossible… until we did them.

And that is the point. We did all this. We, the people of Scotland, have done impossible things. Doing the impossible has become almost commonplace for us. So why not the seemingly unachievable development of the kind of inter-party cooperation Lesley speaks of?

The SNP didn’t drag us along on its quest for political power. We pushed the SNP to the vanguard of our quest for independence.

This too will be an achievement of the people of Scotland. We have to play our part. Both parties, but particularly the SNP, need to feel absolutely confident of our support. There has to be a general acceptance that the SNP is the de facto political arm of the independence movement and that, by simple force of arithmetic, the Greens have a role which is, in a strictly arithmetical sense, subsidiary to the SNP.

Given a sufficient level of commitment and goodwill on the part of the electorate, and a certain boldness on the part of the parties concerned, a transformative pact between the SNP and the Greens may actually happen. And Scotland will have taken another step on the road to independence and the better nation to which we aspire.

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One Response to Anything is possible

  1. Lisa Smith says:

    All credit to the Greens if this comes to pass – obviously not easy to compromise your principles in favor of supporting another party, but they have proven their sincerity and given their support publicly for Indy since indyref1, because they know an Independent Scotland is the only way their goals can be pursued realistically.
    This would definitely further the cause of Independence imo, I hope it happens.


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