Now is the time!

James Kelly makes a very important point. The SNP – and by an association that no sane, sober and sensible person will now deny, Scotland’s independence movement – must win decisively. The British nationalists, on the other hand, need only some small thing which can be spun by the media as a ‘blow to Nicola Sturgeon’.

But there is a possible advantage in this for the SNP and the Yes movement in that the situation is very easy to understand and convey to the public. It should be fairly easy to impress upon voters the absolute and urgent necessity of setting aside other considerations and voting for the SNP.

The corollary of this, of course, is that they alternative must be clearly spelled out. People must be made aware of what lies in store for Scotland should the British political establishment be able to claim victory over the SNP. Or should they be presented with even the tiniest blip in the party’s electoral performance which can be amplified into a crushing defeat and a major setback for the ‘separatists’.

In the first referendum campaign, The Yes movement became obsessed with being ‘positive’. So much so that many opportunities to attack the anti-independence propaganda were missed. We cannot afford to let that happen again.

Independence must be won from within the British state. Which means that it must be won using the methods that are effective in the context of the British political system. A system which over many years has evolved defences against democratic dissent such as might threaten the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

Scotland will break free of the British state only when the people decide to deploy the brute force of an unchallengeable mandate.

The good news is that we only have to win once. The forces of British nationalism have to win every minute of every day. And they are weak.

Now is the time!

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5 Responses to Now is the time!

  1. Hmmm, not sure I agree with this. People don’t like politics to decend into a playground brawl which is what happens if everyone trades insults, and they switch off. This just proves what they had always said that one lot is as bad as the other. On the other hand I can see relentless positivity can leave the impression of unanswered questions and attacks.

    Charting a middle way might be what is required. People who deal in conflict management advocate initial positivity in a reply followed by a rebuttal that turns the accusation into something that reflects well on those being attacked. So perhaps we need a little of both. But don’t forget, we came from massively behind last time to almost win, so positivity nearly won it for us.


  2. ‘we came from massively behind last time to almost win,’ Yes Exactly!


  3. No saying if the campaign had been more ‘hard hitting’ from the Yes side if the result would have been any different. Could have seen us with less than we got.


    • Peter A Bell says:

      I’m done with post-mortems on the first referendum campaign. If the lessons that needed to be learned haven’t been learned by now, they never will be.

      Meanwhile, we have local elections to win; a UK general election campaign to prepare for; and a new referendum to secure. With a bit of luck, that’ll be enough to distract people from all the navel-gazing about 2014.


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