Malicious flouncing

Exactly what does Ruth Davidson hope to achieve by her threatened boycott of Holyrood? There is no quorum for proceedings in the Scottish Parliament. So it’s hard to see how the Tories would be missed. It’s not as if they ever make any worthwhile contributions to those proceedings.

It could be that Davidson has reason to expect that the other British parties will follow the Queen of the British Nationalists as she flounces out of the chamber. Again! So what? They are no better than the Tories and their absence would be more likely to enhance Holyrood than diminish it.

Of course, having walked away from their ‘day job’ in a fit of pique, the British parties could then question the legitimacy of any measures passed by the Scottish Parliament. Once again! So what? They spend all their time trying to deny the legitimacy of Scotland’s democratic institutions anyway. Doing so from outside the chamber can hardly be more effective than doing it from inside.

It would be grossly hypocritical of them to complain about the Scottish Parliament not being properly representative when it is they who are making it so by refusing to attend. But when were the British parties ever troubled by such hypocrisy?

There is one possible purpose for the Tories, and possibly the other British parties, abandoning Holyrood. One of the things that the British establishment finds particularly disconcerting is the fact that Holyrood has almost entirely supplanted Westminster as the locus of Scottish politics. If all the British parties are outside, then this would give the BBC and the rest of the unionist media an excuse to ignore the Scottish Parliament in favour of this cabal of British nationalist ‘rebels’.

British nationalists have decided that, if they can’t control the Scottish Parliament, then they must destroy it. Taking media attention away from Holyrood would be just one more part of this malicious effort.

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5 Responses to Malicious flouncing

  1. That’s possible, but I wonder what the reaction of the public would be. The public have been shown to have a fondness for their parliament, trust it far more than they trust Westminster. So parties that want to trash it could find themselves at the mercy of an irate public who will have long memories when it comes to voting.

    Should it happen, then one option open to Nicola would be to call an election to see whom the public trusts and wants in office. There would need to be a seismic change in voting intentions for the Tories to replace the SNP as government. If returned in second place (or even third if the public have decided to teach them a lesson) what will Ruth have gained except derision and a tarnishing of her image, perhaps even a challenge to her leadership.

    Still, in this mad and nasty time, nothing can ever be totally ruled out.

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  2. Gedankenexperiment

    If the yoon parties were to do this, how might we exploit it?

    Can’t recall exactly, but isn’t it possible to change the Scottish General Election voting method by a two thirds majority OF MEMBERS PRESENT in the chamber?

    If so, Parliament could change the voting to FPTP then call a snap FPTP election on the issue of independence. A majority of pro-indy MSPs returned to Parliament by the electorate would trigger the dissolution of the union with England. A hostile Presiding Officer’s ruling of ultra vires would be nullified by way of the same two-thirds majority rule.

    Just a thought 🙂

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  3. daibhidhdeux says:

    Let them walk and throw more petroleum on the constitutional crisis.

    I look forward to the FM’S upcoming statement about the next and final (?) referendum and the voters’s grubbing of the Union.


    • Scott says:

      The only problem by throwing a combustable liquid on anything is the tax still goes to WM at present


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