Let’s stop the victimisation

In an otherwise excellent article, Iain Macwhirter gets himself a little bit tied in knots with his assertion that “eventually Nicola Sturgeon is going to have to decide whether she gives priority to compensating rape victims with children”.

In the first place, there is no reason at all that the First Minister should come under any pressure from the electorate to mitigate the British Government’s vicious assault against the economically powerless. People aren’t stupid. They understand that the Scottish Government cannot possibly palliate every such onslaught. It is simply not economically feasible. Besides which, mitigation only encourages further measures aimed at penalising the poor and the vulnerable in the name of Tory austerity.

People also understand that demands for mitigation from the British parties are motivated, not by the slightest concern for the victims of British Government policy, by by naked political opportunism. As Ruth Davidson has amply demonstrated over the rape clause, British nationalists are capable of extraordinary moral contortions and unconscionable hypocrisy when driven by their dogma of ‘The Union At Any Cost!’.

Macwhirter also shows his confusion when referring to Nicola Sturgeon being urged to compensate rape victims with children. In fact, that is what the rape clause is intended to do. It’s purpose is to exempt children ‘conceived without consent’ from a policy which excludes all third and subsequent children from the state support considered necessary for the first two children.

Abhorrent as it may be to discriminate against innocent children in this way, this is as nothing to the gross inhumanity of forcing women to ‘prove’ that their child was born of rape.

Even writing those words soils my soul.

What Iain Macwhirter meant to say, I’m sure, is that Nicola Sturgeon is going to have to decide whether she gives priority to compensating victims of British Government policy. But that is a project without end which would require similarly infinite resources.

The only solution is to rid ourselves of this British nationalist regime entirely and forever. We need to bring our government home.

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6 Responses to Let’s stop the victimisation

  1. daibhidhdeux says:

    Whilst I enjoy and admire a great deal of what Mr Macwhirter writes, I cannot but feel he has yet to grasp the thistle, so to speak, of the moral and logical imperatives underpinning the vital need for Scots citizens to repatriate their sovereignty now made beyond passing urgent by the current incumbent Tory occupants of the British state’s seat of government in Westminster.

    I am afraid that his traditional liberal lens of interpretation and explaining away of what passes for democracy within the anti-democratic British state – no party political association implied – cannot now – if it ever really could have – account for and explain away the inherent parasitic, amoral, and, indeed, thuggish impulses of this aforesaid state with its lineage going back to its dubious inception and subsequent unilateral actions in violation of the Union Treaty now running pyschopathologically rampant under the influence of the Little Englander Brexiteers along with the lusty hoorahs, sly dodges, and smears of their minority Unionist cheerleaders in both Scotland and the North of Ireland.

    I understand and fully applaud that his sense of his vocation is to be as objective as humanly possible in his reporting and commentary, but, surely, this entails following the hard evidence and – in pursuing it – being both morally and scientifically duty bound to present ones analysis accordingly and without fear or favour (?), and – in doing so – being conscious of any bias confirmations which may be likely to bend our interpretations of this uncovered empirical data as a non-negotiable line in the sand when presenting our conclusions to our readers and the body politic in general?

    I do not doubt Mr Macwhirter’s integrity, but would urge him to revisit all the evidence – past and presently unfolding before our very eyes – for, I suspect, we are in the midst of a truly historical end-game with profound implications not only “narrowly” political for Scotland, the rupturing and decaying UK, the EU and Europe, but globally in moral-social-political terms in respect of how humanity governs itself in the true spirit of justice, peace, and genuine representative democracy with the leavening salt of loving charity to leaven that bread of the hungry human spirit and, consequently, our bellies and enquiring minds.

    At some point, therefore, one simply has to come off the fence and declare ones standpoint based on that evidence rigorously scrutinized. And this can prove to be bare knuckle stuff when faced with the shark-like forces or reaction that Scotland is now facing albeit it is not alone in this onslaught in its various global guises; but facing it now, in spades, we surely are.

    The gloves simply have to come off now.

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  2. daibhidhdeux says:

    Erratum: “…forces of reaction…”
    Apologies (plus for the rant:)).


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