The irrelevance of Murdo Fraser

I don’t think there’s much that might be added to Dr Craig Dalzell’s characteristically acute comments on the newly released documents which put some detail on Scotland’s post-independence currency options. The Scottish Government’s position on currency was always the most pragmatic and rational one possible. It was only a problem for the pro-independence side in the first referendum campaign because so many in the Yes movement were taken in by the British state’s propaganda and induced to parrot the Better Together/Project Fear rhetoric attacking Alex Salmond rather than challenge the British parties’ threat to arbitrarily and unilaterally abolish the currency union.

George Osborne and his British Labour accomplices were massively vulnerable on a patently ill-conceived policy cobbled together in a state of increasing panic towards the end of the campaign as the British nationalists faced the very real prospect of defeat. Obsessed with being ‘positive’ and all too ready to indulge in inter-factional sniping, the Yes movement failed to exploit this weakness. Let’s not make that mistake again.

I would add only one further observation. Reading the comments from Murdo Fraser and the anonymous British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) spokesperson, I am struck by the extent to which they seem woefully detached from, and irrelevant to, Scotland’s constitutional debate. The suggestion by the BLiS mouthpiece that draft proposals, unapproved by ministers, should have been published is almost as idiotic as the plainly inane notion that independent Scotland might somehow be left without a functioning currency.

Meanwhile, in typically buffoonish fashion, Murdo Fraser resorts to the nonsensical lie about “a deficit from day one of £15 billion” as if dumbly unaware of recent developments which completely destroyed that particular gobbett of British nationalist dishonesty.

I cannot be the only one wondering what the hell this idiot is doing in our parliament.

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2 Responses to The irrelevance of Murdo Fraser

  1. Thomas says:

    The mere sound of his voice and even when someone mentions that name it makes cringe. How did this un-elected buffoon ever get into our mainstream politics. He’s never been elected never !! but gets more airtime and newspaper space than all of the SNP MP’s put together. How the hell does that even work what the hell is going on.

    Do enjoy your articles Peter, thank you.


  2. The last laugh may be ours as we adopt a new currency and watch the pound wallow, no longer shored up by our oil assets which have miraculously become worth a great deal after years of being told they are worthless.


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