Boxing clever

Few speeches in recent times have been more eagerly anticipated than Nicola Sturgeon’s address to the SNP Spring Conference in Aberdeen this afternoon. One doesn’t often get the opportunity to use the phrase ‘fate of nations’ without being accused of hyperbole, but it would be appropriate on this occasion.

Yesterday’s speeches from Angus Robertson and John Swinney set the tone. That tone is defiant and determined. As you would expect, the assembled delegates lapped it up. Many are expecting Sturgeon to continue in the same vein. And there’s no doubt she will do just that. But those hoping for high drama may be disappointed. Having had the opportunity to study Theresa May’s political ‘style’, Sturgeon can be confident that a reasonable and conciliatory approach will elicit more clumsy arrogance from the British Prime Minister. Sturgeon simply has to keep on saying the right things knowing she can rely on May to say the wrong things.

There is, however, no doubt where all of this is leading. Sturgeon might appear to be letting Theresa May off lightly. But this is only to strengthen her ow position when the serious confrontation starts. There is such a thing as natural justice. People have a sense of what is fair. The more Sturgeon provokes arrogant, imperious responses from her adversary, the more people will come to see Theresa May’s behaviour as an affront to democracy.

Nicola Sturgeon’s speech this afternoon if important. Of that there is no doubt. But this game could well have some way to go yet.

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One Response to Boxing clever

  1. twathater says:

    Peter I’m sick of agreeing with you , but unfortunately you MOSTLY always seem to be reading it right , as you say Nicola is very astute and adept at reading Treezas dogmatic, superior ,supercilious attitude and hopefully will continue to do so , everybody including myself just wants to get on with it but we have to allow Treeza tRuthless , Dugdale and Fundimundell to continue berating and denigrating Scotland and the Scots, to convince even more naysayers that this is the horrible future for us and them if this lot of self serving twats get their way


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