The millstone

Correlation is not causation. Most of us, I expect, are well aware of this. And economic growth is neither the only nor, some would argue, the best measure of a nation’s health. But, when we are confronted by such a stark difference between Scotland and comparable countries, it is perfectly reasonable that we should look first to the most obvious factors that make us different from those other nations. We cannot help but note that Scotland is the only country in the group to be burdened with the millstone of Westminster.

When we are told that revenues from Scotland’s oil industry entered negative territory while Norway was still able to earn £12bn, then we are entitled to question the wisdom of leaving management of this still valuable resource in the hands of a British political elite which has proved itself adept only at finding novel ways of screwing things up.

Scotland’s economy lags because it’s on a choke-chain held by the British state. We won’t even know what our potential is until that tether has been broken.

Let’s bring Scotland’s government home.

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About Peter A Bell

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