Blair McDougall’s stale pish

toryblair-460x332Only this week Project Fear architect, Blair McDougall, was once again peddling the stale pish about Scotland being expelled/excluded from the EU. It seem to have escaped the notice of this particular monomaniacal British nationalist that by far the biggest threat to Scotland’s European status is the British state to which he owes such absolute allegiance.

The claim that Spain would pander to the petulant malice of British nationalist fanatics by ‘vetoing’ Scotland’s EU membership was always vacuous nonsense which ignored the political and constitutional realities for the sake of some scaremongering propaganda.

When we voted No in 2014, we put extraordinary power over our fate in the hands of people whose most satisfying fantasies involve Scotland being rendered a pariah state as punishment for asserting our right to that status and those powers which other nations assume to be theirs by right.

It’s time to rectify that mistake. It’s time to bring our government home.

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One Response to Blair McDougall’s stale pish

  1. Scottish EAU says:

    Recent history speaks for itself. Six secessionist states have joined the EU from 2004 onwards. The Spanish veto has been used on absolutely zero occasions. The Spanish veto has been considered on absolutely zero occasions. The Spanish veto is a red herring talked up by anyone but the Spanish themselves. Considering the Spanish attitude to the British state over the matter of Gibraltar one might consider that Spain would cheer a secessionist Scotland to the rafters.

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