That voice! That face!

There’s something familiar about Theresa May.

We’ve heard that lecturing, hectoring, condescending tone before. The voice of privilege. The voice of assured economic security and social status. The voice of a ruling elite that is as alien as it is ancient.

It is the voice that orders. The voice that demands. The voice that lies with the practices ease of long practice and unassailable self-righteousness.

The voice that has never known doubt. Never questioned its inherited, assumed authority. The voice that never expressed a genuine emotion. The voice that can speak only of the basest human urges.

It is the voice of the British state.

We’ve seen that practised, patronising, patrician smile before. Thatcher had it. Blair was the master of this form of duplicity. Cameron never quite got it right. Brown tried it and only managed to look like a bad actor feigning a stroke.

May’s facial contortions mask the face of established power. Cold. Heartless. Avaricious. Jealous. Vindictive. Arrogant. Entitled.

That is not a smile. It is the expression which results from trying to control and conceal the sneering, snarling grimace beneath.

It is the face of the British state.

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About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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One Response to That voice! That face!

  1. daibhidhdeux says:

    The rictus of feudal Anglo British thuggery.


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