Still bitter together

kezia_dugdaleKezia Dugdale isn’t the only one who hasn’t a clue who might front the effort to deny the sovereignty of Scotland’s people in the next independence referendum campaign. That’s one that nobody can figure out. But Dugdale’s rhetoric leaves the strong impression that she is very jealous of Ruth Davidson’s success in becoming the pudding face and strident voice of British nationalism in Scotland. Kezia cannot conceal her bitter disappointment at not being crowned ‘Queen of the Britnats’. A role which is enfolded in the arrogant sense entitlement that continues to envelope British Labour in Scotland no matter how often and how explicitly the electorate remind them that they are actually entitled to nothing.

One thing is clear, however. In the referendum which is happening regardless of Dugdale’s desperate-sounding insistence, British Labour in Scotland will not be openly campaigning with the other British parties. Where previously they unabashedly stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their Tory allies, they will now be working behind the scenes with them and other even more dubious British nationalist organisations.

Let’s not be fooled! Kezia Dugdale’s distancing herself from Ruth Davidson is a sham. They continue to share the common aim of denying Scotland’s democratic right of self-determination and locking us into the UK regardless of our wishes. When it comes to defending the ruling elites of the British state, they are as one. Both subscribe with equal fervour to the dogma of ‘The Union At Any Cost’.

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