A party for England

I was amused by the notion that the argument between left and right was never emotive and fractious. Euan McColm gazing wistfully backwards with rose-tinted view as he pines for the old simplicities and certainties of the British politics he grew comfortable with.

Having said that, he does show signs of at least attempting to come to terms with the a changing political environment. His perspective on Scotland’s political scene is as shallow as ever. But at least he’s caught up with reality enough to contemplate the death of British Labour. Something many (most?) of us accepted as a done deal some time ago.

And what does Euan McColm envision as the kind of party that should fill the vacuum left by the demise of British Labour? What sort of party does he see as fit to fill the niche vacated by British Labour? I suspect he would be sorely reluctant to admit it, but what he describes in this regard sounds very much like what those with an awareness of Scottish politics would recognise as the Scottish National Party. The real SNP, that is. Not the grotesque caricature favoured by British nationalists.

Some of us having being saying for years that what England needs is its own equivalent of the party which has won the respect and support of Scotland’s electorate. Looking at the state of England’s politics it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that our southern neighbours would benefit greatly from a large injection of the SNP’s trademark principled pragmatism.

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