Not up to the job

right_to_voteAccording to reports, Ruth Davidson aspires to be Scotland’s First Minister. You may react to this presumption with a blend of horror and hilarity. You may even regard the prospect with equanimity or, just possibly, something akin to enthusiasm. But, however disturbing or delightful you find the thought of Ruth Davidson as Scotland’s political leader, you must be at least a little concerned by the fact that she appears convinced the First Minister can only do one thing at a time.

Davidson seems to genuinely believe that the role she has ambitions to fill would limit her to the extent that she would have to choose between concerning herself with fundamental constitutional issues and addressing the education of Scotland’s children. If we accept Ruth Davidson’s own account, she would find it impossible to do both.

Quite how this severe limitation commends her for the job of First Minister remains a mystery.

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One Response to Not up to the job

  1. Allow me if you will a sweeping generalisation, but isn’t widely said that women are better at multitasking?

    Isn’t Davidson’s bull riding, tank straddling attitude, combined with this “you can’t do many things at the same time” mantra, the last refuge of the old guard male dominated politics?

    If Davidson was not biologically female, how misogynist would that be rightfully seen?

    It must be a consequence of the environment Davidson had to make her way up within.
    You can only rise in the ranks if you fit in the narrative.

    The abominable precedent of Thatcher and today’s clusterfuck of May tell us that female leaders emerging from a deeply misogynist party can only be far more ruthless, heartless and soulless than the already despicable men they have to compete with.

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