Being locked in

The UK Government’s Brexit White Paper hints broadly at the British establishment’s attitude to Scotland; to the Scottish Parliament; and to Scotland’s people. It is an attitude that veers between casual contempt and naked antagonism. The Scottish Government’s insistence on representing the needs, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people is regarded by the Westminster elite as either a tiresome nuisance to be swatted aside, or a serious threat to be crushed.

In the UK Government’s Brexit White Paper, with its simultaneously off-hand and harsh rejection of any interest other than that of the British state, we see a precursor of what is intended for Scotland, and all else that is regarded as peripheral to the British nationalists’ conception of their nation. There is to be no compromise. No accommodation. There will be only conformity. Power will be drawn to the centre and used to impose common ‘solutions’. There will be much talk of sacrifice and renewal, with all but a select few seeing little of the latter and all too much of the former.

Scotland, in particular, must be reined in. The distinctive political culture which has evolved here is an increasing embarrassment to a monolithic ideology which holds that there is no other way, and is prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to make our reality fit their dogma.

The ultimate aim of this process is the total assimilation of Scotland within a constitutionally redefined UK. Heed Iain Macwhirter’s ominous words,

“Scotland will be locked into a new incorporating Union”

We have paid a high price for that No vote in 2014. The cost of failure to seize a new opportunity to bring our government home will be vastly greater.

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