Sorry isn’t enough

ruth_davidsonI recognise that the demanding of apologies is part of our regrettably gladiatorial politics. Exacting the humiliation of having to put on a show of remorse is rather the equivalent of drawing blood in the arena. But here’s the thing! I don’t care!

I’m not interested in an apology from Ruth Davidson. I attach no value to her contrived compunction. She will never convince me that any show of self-reproach is genuine. Of what use to me is a bit of cheap political theatre?

What I want is an opposition at Holyrood which is fit for purpose. What I want are politicians and parties whose first loyalty is to Scotland and whose primary duty is to Scotland’s people.

I don’t want an apology from Ruth Davidson. What I want from her is her absence from our Parliament. I want her gone. Her, and all her ilk. All those whose dogma of ‘The Union At Any Cost’ bids them behave as deplorably as Davidson has – and do so without so much as a hint of embarrassment.

It is time – it is long past time – to acknowledge that fealty to the British state is incompatible with membership of the Scottish Parliament. Those who refuse to acknowledge Scotland’s right of self-determination and actively deny the sovereignty of Scotland’s people cannot possibly be said to be acting in the interests of the nation, as our Parliament surely must.

When, in 1999, the Scottish Parliament was reconvened, Alex Salmond took the oath that MSPs are obliged to make pledging allegiance to the lottery of aristocratic succession. He then qualified that oath with the following statement,

“For the Scottish National Party parliamentary group loyalty is with the people of Scotland in line with the sovereignty of the people.”

He added,

“I know that all members of this parliament will share that view.”

Ms Davidson and all who represent the British parties at Holyrood might well assure us that they do share that view. That assurance would be of no more worth than her apology.

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  1. Woman is nothing but an english lapdog.


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