If the title fits…

The following tweet had me thinking:

However, here are a few that I have been ‘gifted’ with by followers or Trump, UKIP et al:

Then, there’s little pearl:

Do I believe that everyone who voted Brexit, UKIP, Trump are fascists?  No.  However, they’ve allowed themselves to be aligned with fascists and that is just as bad.  There really is no excuse for ignorance these days.  We have wall-to-wall news channels and a whole load of information available on the internet.

If you are a decent human being who cares about society and how wee treat each other we all need to make ourselves stand-up to them.  We cannot let them have an easy time as the spread their vile propaganda of hate.

Christian, Jew, Moslem, Seikh, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, Labour, LibDem, Conservative, Green, Republican, Democrat, SNP, Heterosexual, Homosexual, Transsexual and everyone else.  We all need to make a stand…together.  This has to happen, or we consign ourselves, our children and grand children to a very bleak Orwellian nightmare.

Be warned though, they will shout you down, twist facts to suit their warped vision of how the world should be and they will do their very best to make you feel stupid.  Hang in there, back each other up and fight back.


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2 Responses to If the title fits…

  1. TREASONOUS tRump is the epitome of a fascist! 😠


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