A simple question…

What type of country do you want to live in?  Told you it was easy.

I don’t care if you voted Yes or No in 2014.  In fact, if you were Cat Boyd the chances are you forgot to vote as you were away on holiday.  However, now, today, 2017 the people who live in Scotland have a very big decision to address.

Is it acceptable to be pulled out of the EU against the country’s democratic wish just because of the way the people of England and Wales voted?  Personally, I don’t think it is.  Perhaps you want to grow up in a Scotland where foreigners are despised and made to feel very unwelcome.  Or, it’s OK to shut our door to the refugee who is trying to escape some awful war in their own country.  I know, while we are at it how about we vilify the disabled and drive them to extreme measures such as suicide because we have a government that shows them nothing but contempt.  If so, then move to England, because that is what the England of today looks like.  I should know, I’ve lived down here for 21 years now.  In that time I have seen a huge shift to the Right, and with that a rather arrogant and uncaring nature has been allowed to grow too.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyone in England is like this, but I’m afraid the good and decent people down here are losing their country too.

Perhaps though, you’d prefer to live in a country where you are still a citizen of the EU, the foreign person is welcomed, arms are opened to the refugee and support is given to the more needy in society.  That country can be Scotland…an independent Scotland.

I don’t care what Party you vote for but I do care about the path that you want Scotland to travel on.  Scotland, at least to me, has always seemed be outward-looking, warm of heart and just a great place to be.  In an independent Scotland, Labour, Tory, LibDems, Greens, and yes the SNP would all flourish.  But we as individual, decent citizens, need to get together, see beyond political boundaries and work to make it happen.

It’s a simple question; what type of country do you want to live in?


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3 Responses to A simple question…

  1. And do we want to retain our national health service, free at the point of use? Do we want every adult and child to achieve the best they can for themselves and their families (and ultimately for Scotland as a whole)? Do we want the 99% to matter as much as the 1%? Do we want all our values trampled on by a Tory Westminster government so that our votes, which our grandparents struggled so hard to win, devalued to nothing because English votes will always overwhelm our votes? Do we want to live with the fraught aftermath of needlessly antagonising other EU countries with a race to the bottom which will only wreak havoc to our standard of living and our lives?

    I think we need to work hard to promote the values and the type of country we want and maybe then we’ll encourage some of the doubters to look at the bigger picture.

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    • David Steele says:

      I completely agree. Don’t be surprised if there is an increased number of people in England moving to Scotland.

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      • That rather depends whether sufficient people in Scotland can take the blinkers from their eyes and put aside tribal hatreds and dislikes spawned by red tops to vote Yes. I fervently hope that is the case, otherwise very many people here are going to find living standards plummet with rising prices and businesses find they are priced out of the market when it comes to selling, with companies folding.Too awful to contemplate.

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