Fake news

Flagship Scottish Government school twinning scheme to drive up standards ‘shelved’ after three years

You will scour this piece in The Herald in vain looking for evidence of any scheme being ‘shelved’. The headline is a lie. Not that this will come as much of a surprise to critical consumers of media messages. The headline is almost always a lie.

What you will find are lots of vacuous ‘accusations’ from the British parties at Holyrood. Apparently, it’s all that’s required these days. British nationalists ‘accuse’, and the media give even the most patently groundless allegations the status of established truth regardless of the facts. Is it any wonder people are turning away from the old media in droves?

Most of the article is taken up with authoritative statements which completely contradict the headline. Glance at the comments below the article, however, and it quickly becomes apparent that few of those commenting have bothered to read any of that content. And, of course, there was no intention or expectation that they would. The article exists for one reason only – to provide cues for British nationalism’s sad little band of amateur propagandists who have not the slightest interest in the facts, so long as they get an opportunity to vent their mindless hatred of the SNP.

These are people who are not ashamed to applaud the likes of Iain Gray and his Tory allies as they sing from the same hymn-sheet denigrating and belittling everything about Scotland without regard for the damage they do to our democratic institutions and public services.


About Peter A Bell

Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer. None of my attitudes are immutable. None of my conclusions are final. None of my opinions are humble.
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