Where does it end?

As well as being Policy and Parliamentary Officer for Poverty Alliance, Carla McCormack is a declared supporter of British Labour in Scotland (BLiS). It is no surprise, therefore, to find her demanding that the Scottish Government ‘mitigate’ Bedroom Tax Two. This demand is entirely consistent with both her role as a leading anti-poverty campaigner and a BLiS loyalist.

What has to be addressed is the limit to this process by which the government Scotland elected is expected to fund policies imposed by a government Scotland rejected.

During the campaign against the original Bedroom Tax, I was not alone in asking where it would all end. If the UK Government could get away with what was effectively a means of clawing back chunks of Scotland’s funding then it stood to reason that they would do it again. And again. And again. It was pointed out then that it was only a matter of time before we were hit with ‘Son of Bedroom Tax’.

We can also expect that such activity will intensify as the Scottish parliament gains limited tax powers. We can anticipate that a British political establishment intent on undermining the SNP administration will continue to impose policies that penalise and stigmatise the poorest and most vulnerable while the British parties in Scotland, motivated by their own desire to weaken the SNP, demand that the Scottish Government ‘double-tax’ Scottish workers so as to fund Tory austerity.

Where does it all end? Will those more intent on finding a stick with which to beat the SNP than with ridding us of Tory rule tell us how much they are prepared to see Scotland suffer – economically and socially – in the name of preserving the union?

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