Unjust and offensive!

While offering nothing in the way of fresh insights, Daniel Kenealy provides a reasonable assessment of Nicola Sturgeon’s’s Brexit proposals. But he loses the plot altogether with the suggestion that these proposals are “dishonest”. This necessarily implies that it is wrong for the democratically elected Scottish Government to pursue an outcome which both serves the interests of the Scottish nation and respects the will of the Scottish people, just because that outcome may be “all-but-impossible” to achieve.

The accusation of dishonesty is not only unjust and offensive, it also makes no sense when made in conjunction with acknowledgement of the sound political reasoning behind the proposals. There is an illogic here which will be familiar to anyone who is acquainted with the contradictions and inconsistencies which litter British nationalist propaganda.

From a strictly Unionist perspective, even a proposition which is recognised as perfectly reasonable and politically astute must be denounced in some way if it fails the test of ‘Britishness’. Nicola Sturgeon is branded “dishonest” simply because she declines to put the interests of the British state before her solemn duty to the people she was elected to serve.

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