Scenario four

Scenario four – cannot be discounted.

May is prevented from keeping UK access to the single market by a combination of European antipathy and Mad Brexiteers in her own party – not to mention fear of a Ukip surge.

There is no separate deal for Scotland. Because that was never going to happen.

The First Minister presses ahead with plans to hold a second independence referendum.

The Scottish Government brings a bill before Holyrood and support from the Scottish Greens allows the legislation to pass.

May refuses a Section 30 order. Or is prevented from promoting one due to pressure from a cross-party alliance of hard-line British nationalists at Westminster.

The media finally has adequate justification for previously sensationalist talk of a constitutional crisis.

The First Minister presses ahead with a referendum regardless; probably with a question or questions relating to the powers which voters want restored to the Scottish Parliament.

Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale keech themselves. Willie Rennie is photographed, with the Forth bridges in the background, trying to look like a solemn statesman, but only succeeding in looking like a sulky bairn.

Three months before B-Day, and the UK’s messy exit from the EU into a very scary political and economic limbo, #indyrefB returns a decisive majority in favour of the Scottish Parliament having such powers as would make Scotland effectively independent.

The media desperately scrabble around looking for a term that goes beyond mere ‘constitutional crisis’. Some fool invites both Siobhan Macfadyen and Alan Cochrane to the same event, inadvertently creating a critical mass of British nationalist outrage. A deadly bile-bomb conflagration is only avoided by the disarming presence of Bernard Ponsonby.

You can write your own ending to this scenario.

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  1. Providing endings could be an entertaining post-eating game for Christmas evening as the TV programmes are bound to be rubbish.

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