Being British

Well, that didn’t take long. We might have expected – or hoped – that May would at least make a pretence of honouring her pledge to give serious consideration to the Scottish Government’s proposals. Not that anybody took that pledge seriously, of course. We are all to familiar empty promises from the British state. The casual disrespect for Scotland is pretty much as anticipated. But the off-hand discourtesy still offends.

Unless you’re a British nationalist, of course. The most sickening aspect of this whole affair is watching Unionists in Scotland applaud Theresa may as she spits in the face of Scottish voters and craps all over our democracy. The more contempt May shows for Scotland, the more Unionists celebrate her as a hero of the British nationalist cause.

What offends these people is not Theresa May’s disdain for Scotland, but Nicola Sturgeon’s efforts to honour the democratically expressed will of Scotland’s people. How dare she! How dare she suggest that the Westminster elite have regard for the choices of the Scottish people!

It’s just not British!

There is no thought of implications. British nationalists seem to genuinely believe that the clear majority of Remain voters in Scotland, as well as the near majority of Yes voters, can be ignored without any consequences. They really seem to imagine that, if only the British state exerts its authority forcefully enough, the people of Scotland will meekly accept their fate and dutifully get back in their box. Defiance is unthinkable and incomprehensible.

It’s just not British!

A less blinkered and bigoted perspective recognises that there must be a reaction to the high-handed arrogance which characterises the British establishment’s attitude to Scotland. Fortunately, we yet have options within the democratic process. But British nationalists are determined to close-off those options. They are intent on ensuring that Scotland is irrevocably locked into a British state where our needs, priorities and aspirations are formally treated as inconsequential relative to the interests of the ruling elites.

That’s British!

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2 Responses to Being British

  1. High time we became Scottish.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. daibhidhdeux says:

    Indeed, jings.

    Apt summation, Peter, as always.

    Shared widely, as usual.

    Festive Celtic greetings


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