British sickness

I find two things disturbing about reactions to the Scottish Government’s position on Brexit. Firstly, the mindless, vitriolic hatred that British nationalist fanatics have for Nicola Sturgeon. Many of these extremists can’t even bring themselves to write her name. There’s a rancid sickness here that is alien to the civilised, enlightened society Scotland aspires to be; but which, evidently, isn’t at all out of place in British politics.

Then there’s the unionists’ increasingly shrill insistence that Scotland must simply accept whatever fate is imposed by the British state. And do so meekly and without protest. Ideological unionists are quite genuinely offended by the democratically elected Scottish Government respecting the democratically expressed will of the Scottish electorate.

They are sore affronted that the government Scotland elected refuses to bow the knee to a government Scotland rejected.

They are rendered apoplectic by the First Minister presuming to put Scotland’s people before the ruling elites of the British state.

It is this sneering, snarling contempt for democracy and disparaging disdain for Scotland’s people that has to be the most disturbing aspect of British nationalism.

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6 Responses to British sickness

  1. …and the most dangerous and disturbing.
    We must challenge and defeat the knee-jerk, instinctive reaction of the permanently entitled to the inevitable departure of Scotland, with all her riches, from their mortal coil.
    If this requires a show of strength, so be it.
    David and Goliath.

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  2. Alan Magnus-Bennett says:

    It’s the Westminster thinking of the the UK as being inclusive and that it was an inclusive EU vote for so there fore an inclusive UK Brexit. But who decides the Brexit negotiations? Not an inclusive UK, but the singular Westminster Government that thinks it over rules all four singular Countries.

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  3. Pat Harty says:

    “Ideological unionists are quite genuinely offended by the democratically elected Scottish Government respecting the democratically expressed will of the Scottish electorate.” and “It is this sneering, snarling contempt for democracy “, these are direct quotes from your vitriolic piece above. The Scottish people voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, so why do the SNP and their “nationalist fanatics” keep trying to change that democratic result?


    • Peter A Bell says:

      Democracy is a process, not an event. Something that British nationalists seem incapable of grasping. Nobody voted to relinquish Scotland’s right of self-determination. A right we are entitled to exercise at any time of our choosing.

      When circumstances change, sane, sober and sensible people change their views accordingly. Only bigots cling to their prejudices regardless of anything that is happening in the real world.

      Anti-democratic British nationalists do not get to stop the democratic process just because they got the result they wanted. They do not get to treat that No vote in 2014 as if it marked the end of history and gave the British state licence to teat Scotland as a chattel.

      Feel free to get back to me when you have learned how democracy actually works. And when you are ready to accept its fundamental principles.


      • Ah, the old chestnut of “You voted to stay in 2014”.
        Well, we voted 56 SNP MPs to 59 seats in Westminster in 2015, we voted 59 SNP MSPs out of 73 constituency seats in the 2016 Holyrood elections, and 62% voted to stay in the EU.
        Why go to the polls again in five years? Let’s keep this FOR A GENERATION.
        See how the BritNats like it.

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  4. Alan Magnus-Bennett says:

    One of the problems with English voters (I refuse to call them British as that implies Scotland as a part of) is the difference concerning sovereignty. Theirs is with its Westminster Parliament whereas ours, Scotland, lies with the people. They vote for M.P’s who tell them what to do and to do what they are told. We vote for M.P’s who do as the people of Scotland say. That is democracy. Democracy traces back to the Greek words demos, meaning “people,” and kratia, meaning “power.” People power remains central to democracy. Or to use another interpretation, the phrase of Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Get that into those English skulls and perhaps they might understand why Scotland is so different to England.


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