The smeary-go-round

I guess it’s Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh’s turn. It became clear some time ago that the British establishment had embarked upon a smear campaign targeting SNP MPs. This was, of course, entirely predictable, given the viciously defensive nature of the British state and the fact that the SNP is regarded as a serious threat to the established order.

It would be an exceptional individual who didn’t have at least one skeleton in the cupboard. And an even more uncommon business operation that hadn’t hadn’t at least skirted the fringes of regulatory transgression. As countless respected commentators have remarked, the person who never made a mistake never made anything at all. What is remarkable is the fact that all this doubtless very strenuous dirt-digging has produced such sparse and insubstantial rewards for the smear-mongers. It is a measure of how relatively squeaky clean SNP politicians are that so little of consequence has been unearthed. And that so much effort has to be put into spinning a scandal from the pitiful product of all that muck-racking – to the extent that they are now trying to concoct a smear about a smear.

Undoubtedly the most depressing aspect of all this, however, is the realisation that the mainstream media is now so debased that such malicious tittle-tattle is what passes for investigative journalism.

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