Too much! And not enough!

Scour this story as you may, you will find nary a mention of Kezia Dugdale’s ‘federalism’ proposal, far less the explicit endorsement that she might have been hoping for from her boss. The best that can be said is that Jeremy Corbyn appears to have gone to some trouble to avoid actually slapping down his North British office manager’s flailing attempt to breath some life into Gordon Brown’s threadbare and utterly discredited constitutional proclamations.

What is revealed by Corbyn’s hollow-sounding pledge to at least give Scotland a passing thought is the impossibility of an accommodation between two different and diverging political cultures within the context of a political union which is predicated on a massively asymmetrical relationship. Two thoughts occur when one hears his promises of special consideration. That this will be too much for people in England. And that it will be nowhere near enough for people in Scotland.

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