Sticks and stones…

Twitter can be a funny old playground at times.

The other night I was caught in a debate with someone who insisted that the SNP blamed the English for everything wrong in Scotland.  When I pointed out to them that they have never done that he pointed me to an article where Nicola Sturgeon criticised the UK government.  I proceeded to remind him that this is not England being blamed.  For my troubles he called me a bore and muted me, apparently little things like facts don’t go down very well with some British Nationalists.  However, someone else decided to throw their little lot into the discussion with this lovely little gem of an insult:

Porridge Wog?  That’s a new one on me.  If they throw such insults at us why on earth do they want us to stay in the UK?


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3 Responses to Sticks and stones…

  1. daibhidhdeux says:

    I am also, it would seem, a recalcitrant Porridge Wog.

    The Lord Advocate being a wee bit busy at the moment eviscerating the AngloBrit lawmen shysters, to; to whom may I go for constitutional advice given Mr Gandhi and sundry other anti-BritNat imperialists are lang deid?

    Ayne agitated global Scot asks

    PS Perchance, the Dominie MacLean or Lygate his descendant interlocutor or even the FM, Ms Sturgeon?

    Suggestions on a postcard with a Scots internationalist/ re-Indy theme, please.

    Thank you.


  2. daibhidhdeux says:

    Erratum: “to whom…”


  3. That’s the bit I can never get, The Brit Nats and Little Englanders with all their anti-Scots bile – you know the old chestnuts: “subsidy junkies”, “workshy”, “scroungers” – yet these same people oppose Scottish independence and want to keep us on the Brexit Titanic as it sinks. Surely if we are such a burden they’d want rid of us?? Because I certainly want rid of them!!


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