Fresh madness

Perhaps Ruth Davidson would care to explain how Brexit can be made to “work for Scotland” when, by her own estimation, there is absolutely no possibility of any benefit from quitting the EU. In September 2015 she said,

“To me, the cost benefit analysis is clear. The advantages we gain from EU membership clearly and categorically outweigh any disadvantages that come with it.”

What has changed? Is the EU significantly different now? Has there been some huge economic shift that justifies Davidson’s about turn?

It’s one thing to argue that the result of the referendum must be respected. But that result in no way negates the arguments that Davidson made when she was supporting the Remain campaign. The ‘facts on the ground’ have not changed. So how does Davidson explain the curious way in which an identical set of facts now bring her to a conclusion which is the diametric opposite of the position she took little more than a year ago?

We should not expect that Ruth Davidson might respect the democratic will of Scottish voters. She is, after all, a British nationalist. The needs, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people are of absolutely no significance to her. But surely the very minimum that we are entitled to expect of any MSP is that they should at least try to make sense. Ruth Davidson’s U-turn on Brexit not only fails to make any sense, it flat-out rejects the need for sense. It denies logic. It makes basic coherence subordinate to political expediency.

It is fairly said that British nationalists such as Ruth Davidson adhere to a dogma of ‘The Union At Any Cost’. It seems that this eagerness to sacrifice for the British state extends even to the essential signifiers of sanity.

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