A valuable lesson

carlawThis is Jackson Carlaw. So we should be wary of overreacting to the inane rhetoric. This is the man who is competing with Murdo Fraser for the title of biggest buffoon in Scottish politics. Best to treat his outbursts as one would the attention-seeking tantrums of a particularly ill-bred brat.

Which is not to say that we can learn nothing from his frenzied fulminations. We learn, for example, that he has no respect for the Scottish electorate whose mandate our First Ministers carries as she engages in a round of diplomacy for the purpose of rescuing Scotland from the mess that Carlaw’s party got us into.

We learn that he has only sneering contempt for democracy as he dementedly rails against Nicola Sturgeon for doing no more than honouring the will of Scotland’s people; who voted by a substantial majority to remain in the EU. While she respects that choice, he imperiously demands that she disregard the voice of the people and listen instead to his shrill ranting.

We learn that Carlaw is deeply offended by the idea of Scotland having a voice the European and the global political stage. It evidently disturbs him greatly to see our First Minister conducting herself in the dignified and purposeful manner of the real political leader of a real nation. And it clearly galls him greatly that she is being accorded the respect due to a highly regarded head of government.

We learn that Carlaw is insanely jealous of Sturgeon’s popularity among Scotland’s people. We see how much he bitterly resents her ability to command respect and even affection.

We learn that Jackson Carlaw is desperately afraid that Nicola Sturgeon might succeed in a way that would be very embarrassing to his own ‘Beloved Leader’. Plainly, he would that the will of the Scottish people be thwarted and that Scotland itself should suffer rather than that our First Minister might serve the nation as she was elected to do.

We learn that Carlaw is a petulantly unpleasant piece of work who you really wouldn’t want to find yourself seated beside at dinner.

All things considered, Carlaw’s diatribe was quite informative. albeit in ways he surely never intended.

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