Nuttall by name, nutter by nature…

If, like me you thought that there could be no more an odious politician than Nigel Farage, then try to listen to Paul Nutter…erm sorry…Nuttall, UKIP’s new leader.  I struggle to make it past the two-minute barrier before, in a rabid frenzy,  I reach for the mute button.  Here is a taster of the things he believes/wants:

  • Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs to be removed from the House of Commons to make it an English parliament.
  • the House of Lords turned into a UK-wide senate.
  • the abolition of the Barnett Formula.

However, bless his little cottons, he has this to say:

“Whilst we as a party believe in the United Kingdom and are unionist to our fingertips, under my leadership we will champion a fair devolution deal for England and we will promote the English,”

So, he hates the Scottish, will promote the English but still believes in the UK.  Ehm…does anyone else see the flaws here?

The British State is in crisis, not because of the Celts and their pesky ways but because the English do not know what it is to be English.  The so-called working class are being told daily through the MSM that they are disenfranchised and angry.  They are constantly being fed the line that UKIP speaks for them.

Up in Scotland, some of you may feel that this has nothing to do with you, but it does.  Does Brexit ring any bells?  It’s not going to get any better until the working class down here get a grip and stop allowing themselves to believe any rubbish that the MSM feeds them.  If they don’t, then the likes of Nuttall and Farage, will keep pandering to their fears rather than their hopes and aspirations.

In the meantime, Nuttall is an absolute gift for anyone who wants Independence.




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