Delusion and confusion

David Davis’s comments nicely illustrate the mixture of delusion and confusion that characterises the UK Government’s approach to Brexit. Not only does he suppose the UK can both have it’s European cake and eat it, he appears to believe that it can also throw it away while still keeping it and consuming it, all at the same time. With some left to give away as a goodwill gesture and simultaneously throw in the face of EU nations. It would be a neat trick, if it was even remotely possible.

I have often remarked that the most valuable commodity in politics is the option. Having options gives politicians many advantages. But they have to be real options. Imagining yourself in possession of options that simply cannot exist in the real world is the utmost political folly. Which explains the incredulity of the EU negotiators when confronted with Davis’s inane rhetoric.

Nobody can accuse David Davis of not being flexible. There appears to be no limit to the number contradictory, inconsistent and mutually exclusive things that he can believe at any given time. But you can only contort logic so much before it ceases to be logic. The delusion and confusion begins to shade into real insanity.

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