Lapping up the lies

When the British media, in one of its now habitual and completely unthinking attacks on the Scottish Government, claims that there has been a “delay”, the very first thing that any sensible person does is ask the obvious question – has there actually been a “delay”. Only the most gullible fools, and British nationalist fanatics, would uncritically accept anything fed to them by the British media. The rest of us will take the simple precaution of looking behind the malicious distortion.

When we do this, what do we find? We find that there has, in fact, been no delay. We find that the transfer of welfare powers, planned to be completed by the end of this parliamentary term, remain on schedule.

Only those intellectually crippled by mindless hatred of the SNP could fail to recognise that the necessary legislation must be put in place first by the Scottish Parliament. This is scheduled to happen by 2017. Only when that legislative basis is in place, and the administrative infrastructure is set up, can executive control of the benefits be transferred. Anything else would risk significant disruption to welfare payments.

The Scottish Government is due to take over ‘executive competence’ in 2020 – up to a year before the deadline of the end on the parliamentary term. So, where is the alleged delay?

The process is ongoing in accordance with arrangements agreed by both the Scottish Government and the UK Government. Nothing has changed. There is no “delay”. Basically, the whole article is a lie.

What is most striking, however, is the fact that all the information needed to discover the lie is actually included in the article. The dishonesty is in the way the information is presented. Despite this, large number of people will swallow the falsehood. Many will continue to do so even after the clumsy deception has been pointed out to them.

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