Donald Trump: Poisoned Puddin’ o’ the Chieftain Race

Derek Bateman is right… up to a point.

It’s not Trump’s ability to do the things he said he would do that makes him a despicable human being. It’s the fact that he wants to do these things. That his profoundly disturbed nature may not be manifested in the ways he threatened that it would may be of some small comfort to us. However, the hatefulness will simply be expressed in other ways.

Even as President of the United Sates, Trump won’t have the kind of power his grossly inflated ego craves. That much is true. But the real danger in elevating such seriously flawed individuals to high office is, not the power this affords them, but the status; and the licence thus afforded others with similarly warped mindsets.

It’s not that he’s the ‘Chieftain of the Puddin’ Race’. It’s that he’s a ‘Puddin’ among the ‘Chieftain Race’. And a poisoned puddin’, at that.

America may not have empowered a narcissistic sociopath by electing Trump. But they have ushered into the mainstream of their politics all manner of antisocial behaviour and attitudes. They may not have waked the Kraken. But they’ve lifted the lid on Pandora’s Box.

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