The hysteria bubble

If Alex Neil’s grandstanding had “sent shockwaves through his party” you’d have thought somebody in the party might have noticed. The reality, of course, is that the melodrama is entirely contrived by the British media. It’s safe to say that, within the SNP, not a single person is shocked or outraged by the ‘revelation’ that some party members and elected representatives voted Leave. It isn’t easy to describe exactly how unsurprised people in the party are. Casual indifference is difficult to capture in words.

This is where the mainstream media has sunk to. It is now feeding on its own anti-SNP hysteria. In a downward spiral of distortion and delusion, newspapers carry faux ‘shock horror’ stories based on faux ‘shock horror’ stories in other newspapers until the BBC can report a generalised ‘shock horror’ that then provides the basis for more ‘shock horror’ stories in the press.

Meanwhile, the sane people look on shaking their heads in weary wonder at the idiocy of it all.

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