Sound advice

I was intrigued to learn that the ‘Scottish’ LibDems are trying to “keep the whole of the UK in the EU”. How does this sit, I wonder, with their incessant whining about the need to respect the democratic choices of the electorate? Unless it’s the Scottish electorate, of course. Can it be that their spokesman is unaware of the UK-wide Brexit vote? Or has the party just decided to ignore the result of the EU referendum. Stupidity? Or hypocrisy? One simply never knows with the British parties.

And what about the petulant assertion that “Nicola Sturgeon won’t want to hear this advice from one of her own advisers.”. More thoughtful individuals than the quote dispenser resorted to by Tom Gordon will be wondering why the First Minister went to the trouble of appointing these advisers if she didn’t want to be advised by them.

More politically astute individuals than most that you’ll find writing for the British media will be wondering why Ms Sturgeon should be in the least bit offended or discomfited by Dr Fabian Zuleeg’s comments. It’s not as if she can possibly be unaware of the difficulties of securing a ‘bespoke’ deal for Scotland amidst the farce of the UK Government’s Brexit bungling. But she has to try. More importantly, she has to be seen to try. The Scottish Government must demonstrate its willingness to explore every option besides independence if it is to hope for the support of the EU if (when?) this is the only option left.

Which very effectively slaps down the British nationalist mouthpiece’s other asinine claim. The one about Sturgeon’s “obsession of independence”. The reality, of course, is that Nicola Sturgeon’s only “obsession” currently is the task of trying to honour the Scottish electorate’s choice in the EU referendum whilst also respecting their decision in the first independence referendum.

If only the British parties in Scotland were able to demonstrate a similar regard for voters.

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One Response to Sound advice

  1. Tarisgal says:

    I absolutely agree. Well said, Peter.

    Ms Sturgeon & the SNP won the May elections with more votes than ever. In June 62% of the Scottish electorate voted to ‘Remain’ in the EU. And that is Ms Sturgeon’s mandate to find a way to stay in the EU. If Independence is the only way, then that is the option she must choose. She was elected to do as the majority of Scotland asked, and so exploring that option is what we expect of our elected government and it is what we pay her salary for! Indeed, it IS now her ‘day job’!!

    That said, I’m not at all sure I WANT a ‘bespoke’ deal and I won’t be content with that. I WANT to determine our own immigration status, I WANT to be able to move around Europe at will without the need for Visas etc… I voted to ‘Remain’, not for a compromise. So I think I’ll still be pushing to go Independent so that Scotland can determine exactly what Scotland wants and needs. But I trust Ms Sturgeon to do what is best for Scotland and the Scots. She alsways does.

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