Foolish games

Ruth Davidson can “call for” whatever gets her a headline in the unionist media. It is the SNP that has delivered on apprenticeships. It will be the SNP that continues to deliver.

This is another instance of a British politician in Scotland hijacking a Scottish Government announcement for their own petty purposes. With assistance from their accomplices in the British media, of course.

The SNP administration exceeded its target of 25,000 Modern Apprenticeship starts last year by around 1,000, and so is already on course to reach 30,000 by 2020.

All Davidson has done is up that figure by a totally arbitrary 5,000, safe in the knowledge that she’ll never have to honour that commitment. Then she tacked on an extra year in the hope that this might cover her tank-straddling arse if anybody asked about costing of ‘her’ proposal. Which, of course, nobody in the mainstream media would ever consider doing.

Any fool could try this trick. As evidenced by that fact that one just did. The question is whether the people of Scotland are foolish enough to be taken in by such nonsense.

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