A new referendum

That “opposition to a rerun of the 2014 plebiscite has hardened” is totally irrelevant as there is no proposal for such a “rerun”. What is being demanded by those who truly respect democratic principles is an entirely new referendum to enable the people of Scotland an opportunity to make a fresh decision in the light of significant changes to the political reality since 2014.

It is, in fact, quite impossible to have a “rerun” of the first Scottish independence referendum, as the circumstances in which that referendum was held no longer exist. The people of Scotland voted in that referendum on the basis of a unionist prospectus which they now know to have been totally false. And even where that prospectus wasn’t entirely or obviously false at the time, it has been rendered so by subsequent events – principally, the exposure of Better Together/Project Fear lies; the failure to honour solemn commitments; the outcome of the EU referendum; and the worsening of the democratic deficit with the rise to power of a UK Government that is even more the antithesis of Scotland’s political culture than that which was in office in 2014.

The democratic right of self-determination is wholly and exclusively vested in the sovereign people of Scotland, to be exercised entirely at their discretion. The anti-democratic forces of British nationalism must not be permitted to deny this right. They must not be allowed to thwart the democratic process. They have absolutely no right to block a new referendum just because they got the result they wanted. And even less right given the despicable methods that were used to get that result.

There will be no rerun of the 2014 referendum. There will be a completely new referendum in which the people of Scotland choose between the ugly reality of the British state and the potential of an independent Scotland.

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