Missing or avoiding?

Did Dugdale miss the campaign because she was away stalking Hillary Clinton? Or was the campaign arranged for a date when she wouldn’t be around?

And does it matter? It may be that this was Anas Sarwar seeking to undermine his boss and rival. It could be simple incompetence; a case of the left hand not knowing what the other left hand was doing. It might even be that Dugdale had sense enough to try and dissociate herself from a campaign that had absolutely nothing to do with ‘saving’ NHS Scotland and everything to do with British Labour in Scotland’s (BLiS)bitter resentment of the SNP. But, given her record, that seems rather less credible than either of the other explanations. It’s not like Dugdale has shown herself to be above this kind of petty politicking.

What matters more than Dugdale’s absence is the fact that the ploy backfired so massively on BLiS. What they had hoped to do was portray the normal everyday problems of that always have been and always will be part and parcel of a public health service as a fresh crisis that could be blamed entirely on the SNP. Instead, they succeeded only in reminding people how the British parties in Scotland constantly denigrate the NHS for the sake of their malicious propagandising against our democratically elected government. And in drawing attention to the fact that the greatest threat to NHS Scotland is the British state.

Once again, the message from British Labour in Scotland is, “The Union At Any Cost!”.

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