Usurped authority

David Davis, the UK Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, declares that Scotland will not get powers over immigration. He must be taught that only the people of Scotland have the legitimate authority to determine and constrain the powers of their democratically elected parliament.

The authority by which the British state seeks to arbitrarily withhold powers from the Scottish Parliament is not legitimate. It is usurped authority. It is authority that rightfully belongs to the people of Scotland alone.

That this authority is being exercised by a government which the people of Scotland has repeatedly and decisively rejected at the polls is a gross affront to democracy. It is a function of a constitutional anomaly which long ago became intolerable.

It is time to rectify that anomaly. It is time to return democratic authority to the people of Scotland. It is time the Scottish Parliament had the powers that rightfully belong there. The powers to properly address the needs, aspirations and priorities of Scotland’s people.

It is time to bring our government home.

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About Peter A Bell

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