Nefarious procrastination

Is this suggestion of a ‘sunrise’ clause appended to a Section 30 order an acknowledgement that Theresa May simply isn’t up to the demands of the office to which nobody elected her?

Or is it a characteristically arrogant insistence by the British state that Scotland’s needs, aspirations and priorities must take second place, at best, to efforts to sort out the mess made by the British political elite?

Perhaps the intention to delay a new independence referendum until after the UK has left the EU is so Scotland will not have the direct support of our friends in Europe.

Or maybe it is to allow the British state an opportunity to redefine the UK, as part of the Brexit process, in such a way as to create a constitutional bar to further referendums.

The one thing we can be absolutely certain of is that the purpose is malign. We know that the British establishment cannot be trusted. We know from the bitter experience of Better Together/Project Fear that they will resort to absolutely any means in defence of the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

Only the democratically elected Scottish Parliament can properly represent the interests and the will of Scotland’s people. Only the Scottish Parliament can have the rightful authority to determine the terms and the timing of a second independence referendum.

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