Seeds of confusion

We have long been accustomed to the logic-bending non sequiturs, inconsistencies and contradictions that riddle the arguments offered by British nationalist ideologues. So much so, that particular instances and examples can occasionally pass unnoticed. Which is unfortunate. Because there are some text-book gobbets of Orwellian doublethink in there.

Take Boris Johnson’s assertion that the UK will get a “fantastic deal” from the EU as it exits the club with what might have been a theatrical flounce but for the slapstick tripping and stumbling. Recall that this is the same EU that Boris and the Brexiteers were lately portraying as totally unreasonable and obdurately unwilling to negotiate.

This is the EU that was supposedly intent on sucking UK taxpayers dry.

This is the EU of ‘diktats’ and ‘Eurocrats’.

This is the EU that was denounced as the very antithesis of ‘British values’.

This is the EU that was demonised as the UK’s implacable enemy.

Now, we are asked to believe that this same monstrous organisation is about to bend over backwards to accommodate UK interests at whatever cost to its own. The EU which, only a few short months ago, was intent on destroying the UK is now going to rescue it from its own hubristic folly.

In Boris Johnson’s case, one might readily dismiss these confusions as the product of an inadequate intellect. It is not easy to imagine Boris as the architect of some complex Machiavellian scheme. Such deviousness as he might possess must surely be preoccupied with personal advancement. But, especially given the status to which he has been so inexplicably elevated by the corrupt British political establishment, it is disconcertingly easy to suppose him an unwitting player in some such scheme.

Those inconsistencies and contradictions may not be either incidental or accidental. They may not be merely the muddled thinking that they appear to be. They may be purposeful. The aim may be to stupefy the public with perplexity. To confound them with bewilderment. To make them so unsure of what is real that they will seize upon whatever version of reality is eventually offered to them just for the sake of some stability, however spurious.

Who is to say that the UK Government has not delivered on its Brexit promises if nobody can say with any certainty what those promises were? How can they be accused of failure when there is no fixed definition of success?

Where will we find truth when the very concept of truth has been fatally undermined?

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