Make your move…

Hands up if you were impressed by what you heard and saw from the recent Labour and Tory Party conferences…me neither.

Peter (who writes very insightful articles) and I haven’t always agreed on the time-table for IndyRef2 etc but we both want the same thing…Scotland’d independence.  I always felt that waiting at least another five years was the best solution, I think Peter feels it should be a lot sooner than that.  However, I find myself agreeing with Robin McAlpine, IndyRef2 needs to happen a lot sooner and preferably before Brexit actually happens.

As I live in England, I knew that England would vote for it.  I have read the papers and heard the talk from people I work with.  I knew the worm was turning.  What did take me by surprise was the Welsh and Cornish vote.  Both of their economies depend on money from the EU.  I cannot believe that they have been that stupid to believe that Westminster will pay them that money instead, that’s not going to happen.  However, they voted and so-be-it.  I believe that they will come to regret that in the long term.

I truly need to know from unionists in Scotland…why?  You have a government that you did not vote for.  You are in that predicament because not enough English and Welsh turned out to vote.  Your vote does not matter!  What is difficult to understand here? You’re being taken out of the EU, again, despite that fact you voted to stay.   Do you really have so little in your own country’s ability to govern herself or have you just been conditioned to believe that you are not good enough?  I don’t get it.

I believe in Scotland, an inclusive Scotland, not a Scotland that detests foreiugners and sits in solation.  Ignore the likes of Massie, Torrance and their ilk.  They serve their media masters down South.

The people of Scotland have a massive decision to make…the clock is ticking…make your move.


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