Trust us! We’re British!

Alex Massie seems torn between trying to taint the SNP with the grotesque and frightening British nationalism now espoused by the British Tories (including Ruth Davidson), and weirdly seeking to credit the rest of the UK with the development of Scotland’s distinct civic nationalism. In the end, however, his article amounts to nothing more than yet another flimsy apologia for a British state which still commands his absolute allegiance.

He may be right! It may be that the Tories aren’t Nazis; or some 21st century manifestation of that vile ideology which is dissimilar only in terms of superficial presentation. But if large numbers of people are reaching for such comparisons then this in itself tells us something of the shift in politics that has taken place. Even if we discount the most florid accusations of fascism, what’s left is enough to be a cause concern that won’t be assuaged by Alex Massie’s staunch faith in the ultimate righteousness of the British state.

The question many in Scotland will be asking themselves in the wake of the thing that wasn’t really a Ukip gathering, far less a Nuremberg rally, is why should we take a chance? Even many of those who voted No in the first referendum are bound to be wondering about the kind of UK that they have opted into.

The contrast between the political cultures north and south of the border just became stark enough to be noticeable even by the most blinkered unionists. Not all of them will be prepared to sign up to Theresa May’s noxious brand of British nationalism in the hope that it will all turn out for the best because, after all, it’s British. And British is always best. Isn’t it?

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One Response to Trust us! We’re British!

  1. kininvie says:

    I read the article as suggesting our civic nationalism is only a ‘mask’ for baser instincts. Which is actually a slur on the way most nationalists actually think. It’s a common position among commentators who cannot bring themselves to believe that the independence movement means what it says about openness, tolerance, etc.

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