Empty gestures

SNP given bloody nose over NHS downgrade proposals

The Herald’s headline is, of course, nothing more than a propaganda cue for British nationalist fanatics. The vote itself was utterly meaningless. It was gesture politics of the most vacuous kind. It achieved nothing besides giving the unionist media an excuse for such headlines.

Look at the reality rather than the hype. The government have nether been required to do something nor prevented from doing something. The vote has precisely no effect on policy or on the process by which proposals from health boards are assessed and considered by the Scottish Health Council. The established consultation process continues totally unaffected by this pointless ‘action’.

The role of the Scottish Government has not been altered. Ministers still reserve the right to call in proposals that would have a significant impact on the service provided by NHS Scotland. Had the SNP administration intervened early then the British parties at Holyrood would have been jumping up and down bawling about ‘centralisation’ and ‘heavy-handed interference’.

If one was in any doubt about the inanity of this puerile politicking one need only note that the person orchestrating it is Anas Sarwar.

Increasingly people are able to see through this kind of pathetic #SNPBAD spin. All that is damaged is the reputation of the politicians involved and the media which pander to their childish games.

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2 Responses to Empty gestures

  1. David Steele says:

    You beat me to it this time Peter. The face of Anas Sarwar (how is he back?) being splashed over the Scotsman’s website put me off my breakfast. I was writing an article when I saw your article pop up.

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