What difference does it make?

All the ‘will they/won’t they’ sensationalism surrounding the proposals to grant greater autonomy to British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) is tending to distract attention from the nature of the proposals themselves and the fact that they are no more than yet another cosmetic exercise by which it is hoped to maintain the pretence that Kezia Dugdale is the real leader of a real party.

As with Scotland’s independence, real autonomy is not given, it is taken. Freedom that is in the gift of another is not real freedom. What can be given can also be taken away. Power devolved is power retained.

The fact that Dugdale has to go to British Labour’s conference and beg for even some superficial tinkering with the party’s rules only serves to underline how powerless and ineffectual she is.

And what do these changes have to do with addressing the needs, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! As we have come to expect, this is entirely about the narrow interests of the self-serving clique currently running BLiS. It is about the effort to fool Scotland’s voters into thinking BLiS is a real political party with authority to formulate policies for Scotland. It is about a desperate need to regain the status which the BLiS old guard absolutely believe to be theirs by right.

Nothing about the proposed changes makes BLiS any better able to serve the people of Scotland. That was never the hope or intention. Even if Dugdale isn’t slapped down by her bosses, she will still be no more than manager of the North British bit of of a British establishment party.

Scotland can’t afford to be part of the UK. Scotland can’t afford to be taken in yet again by British Labour.

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