Don’t be fooled!

KEZIA Dugdale plunged her party into a fresh crisis yesterday, claiming Jeremy Corbyn cannot unite Labour or win a general election just minutes after he was re-elected as UK leader.

Her party? What party is that? British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) is not a party. It has no authority to formulate policy other than the little that is conditionally afforded it by British Labour.

If BLiS was a real party, why would it matter what Dugdale said about Corbyn? Her comments would simply be the leader of one party having a dig at the leader of another party. It would be a bog-standard attempt to undermine the credibility of a political rival. Nothing to make a fuss about. It is only because BLiS is not a real party that Dugdale’s public disrespect for Corbyn is controversial.

The reference to “her party” is another example of the lazy, casual, habitual dishonesty of the mainstream media. A hangover from the days when “Scottish Labour” was the overwhelmingly dominant force in Scottish politics. A leftover from the days when political hacks’ careers depended on then pandering to the pretensions of British Labour’s branch operation in Scotland. There is something distinctly ridiculous about it in the context of the new political reality.

This is not mere semantic nitpicking, as some will doubtless maintain. In the context of that new political reality it is crucial that people clearly understand the true nature of the players. The emphatic confirmation of Jeremy Corbyn as Dugdale’s boss will doubtless prompt efforts to rehabilitate BLiS. We will be told that this BLiS is now a credible option. There is a danger that even some of those who have been betrayed on countless previous occasions might be lured back to BLiS by assurances that it has changed. The media will seize on the opportunity to get back to the familiar old ‘dynamic’ of Labour/Tory faux rivalry.

It will all be lies and deceit. British Labour hasn’t changed. It is still a party of the British establishment. It remains absolutely dedicated to the preservation of the union at any cost. BLiS is still its puppet. It is no more a real political party now than it ever was. It is no more relevant to Scotland’s aspirations now than it was before Corbyn stumbled onto the scene.

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