What’s in it for us?

Has the SNP offered a coalition? Has the SNP offered any kind of pre-election deal with British Labour? Would it be in the SNP’s interests to get too close to a party that is still tainted by its alliance with the Tories in Better Together/Project Fear?

How might the SNP justify partnership with a party of the British establishment? A party which is absolutely committed to the preservation of the British state regardless of the cost to Scotland.

How might the SNP comfortably ally itself to a party which not only denies the sovereignty of Scotland’s people, but sets its face against democracy by joining yet again with the Tories in seeking to prevent the people of Scotland having a say on the matter of their nation’s constitutional status?

How would the SNP know which British Labour faction they were dealing with, anyway? How could they be sure that whichever faction they made a deal with would still have authority a month or even a week later? What is to be gained by tying yourself to an organisation that is intent on destroying itself?

Would British Labour even fit in a ‘progressive alliance’? Before answering that, go read some of John McTernan’s articles for arch-Tory newspaper, The Telegraph.

With the characteristic arrogance of the British nationalist, Ian Murray blithely assumes that the SNP would leap at the opportunity of a coalition with British Labour. But the party’s 125,000 members might have something to say about such a proposal. And their response might well offer Mr Murray rather more clarity than he’d be comfortable with.

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